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The Q Shack 4120-135 Main at North Hills St, Raleigh, NC, 27609
    SpicySpicy Dish  Veggie Vegetarian Dish Gluten Free Gluten Free

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Drinks served at ambient temperature
Aquafina Water 20oz Bottle

$1.75   Cheerwine 20oz Bottle

$1.75   Diet Pepsi 20oz Bottle

Mountain Dew 20oz Bottle

$1.75   Pepsi 20oz Bottle

One Side and Hushpuppies

Your choice of meat, one side, and hushpuppies
One Meat Plate

Your choice of meat, two sides, and hushpuppies
$9.99   Three Meat Plate

Your choice of meats, two sides, and hushpuppies
$14.99   Three Sides Plate

Your choice of 3 sides
Two Meat Plate

Your choice of meats, two sides, and hushpuppies
Dry-Rubbed & Hickory Smoked Local, Jumbo Chicken Wings. Served with Hushpuppies
Smoked Jumbo NC Chicken Wings (per lb)

Make it a meal and add a side for $1.49
Build Your Own Burgers
100% Pure Beef, Grilled to Order. Served with One Side and Hushpuppies
Double Hamburger

Served with lettuce, tomato, pickle, and onion
$9.99   Single Hamburger

Served with lettuce, tomato, pickle, and onion
Dry-Rubbed with our spices and smoked over local hickory logs. Served with hushpuppies
Smoked St. Louis Pork Ribs (per lb)

Make it a meal and add a side for $1.49
Cobb Salad
Served with Hushpuppies
Cobb Salad

With brisket & turkey
By the Pound
One Pound Feeds 3-4 Adults
Chile Rubbed Beef Brisket (By the Pound)

$19.00   Pulled BBQ Chicken (By the Pound)

$12.00   Pulled Pork (By the Pound)

Smoked Pork Loin (By the Pound)

$12.00   Smoked Sausage (By the Pound)

$12.00   Smoked Turkey Breast (By the Pound)

St. Louis Cut Pork Ribs (By the Pound)

Extra Hushpuppies

$1.99   Jalapeno Deviled Egg

Large Sides

Your choice of large sides, 32oz feeds 6-7
$0.00   Medium Sides

Your choice of medium sides, 16oz feeds 3-4
$0.00   Small Sides

Your choice of small sides, 8oz feeds 1-2

Flavors change daily
Kid's Plate
Kid's Plate

Any meat, tenders, or hot dog, one side, and cookie
Gallons of Tea
1/2 Gallon of Sweet Tea

$2.69   1/2 Gallon of Un-Sweet Tea

$2.69   Gallon of Sweet Tea

Gallon of Un-Sweet Tea

Group Order Admin
Group Order Admin

If you are a group order admin starting a group order for other people but do NOT want any food items for yourself, please select this option. You will be charged delivery and processing fees only. Members must still meet a $12.50 minimum combine
RESTAURANT NOTE: Please send utensils for customers.

Please add in the quantity of utensils you need.
$0.00   Utensils and Plates- Tailgate Specials ONLY

1.00 Per Person
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